July Recap!!

Hey All!
How you all doing??
 This month on I am starting a new series of posts called the monthly recap!
It is basically a recap of what I have been doing that month. I hope you’d all enjoy this.

 Me and my sissy went for an outing at the mall before Ramadan started. She bought this small cute body bag from New Look. It is small but yet spacious enough to keep her wallet and other things. She has been on the look out for a purse matching her tom boy personality from a long time and is very happy buying this.
She also bought these cute outfits from MATALAN and Max. My sissy has always had problems with not being able to find outifts to her liking. This time I went with her and raided stores until we found these lovelies.

When we got hungry, we thought of giving Hardees Classic Angus Burger a try. And let me tell you, this was the first time I saw a burger that looked close to what was advertised 😉

Ramadan started in the second week and you can see lot of decorations in the city.

This is Mushrif Mall, from where I get most of my stuff! :))

Me and hubby had bought dates and Zamzam water from our Um-rah. So that made way to our Iftar table – Masha Allah!

I started new series of posts on my blog – Cook & BakeGet Fit 🙂

We had Iftar party from hubby’s office at Emirates Palace. It was wonderful!

Dates, nuts, dried fruits and juices to break fast.
The buffet. Loved the presentation!

Did some shopping this month from ALDO and The Body Shop. I will be reviewing about these later.

  1. The Rainforest Shine Conditioner
  2. Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
  3. Tea Tree Face Mask
  4. Indian Night Jasmine Perfume Oil
  5. Atlas Mountain Rose Perfume Oil

Me and my hubby celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on 31st July. He gifted me Samsung S4 which I have had my eye on from a long time :)) And I gifted him with a voucher for one night stay at Dubai Marine Beach Resort. He wasn’t expecting this and was really surprised 😉

Beth from Entertaining with Beth commented on my Peppery Boiled Egg Fry post in my Facebook page. Also Naznin from NazninAzeez mentioned my Mutton Quinoa recipe in her July Link Loves post. I really couldn’t stop smiling that day. This is a real encouragement for me :))

So, that’s how the month of July went for me. How was it for you?

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Take care!
Bubye 🙂



6 thoughts on “July Recap!!

  1. Hey hun, I like this series. Love the things you got along with your sister!. Belated wedding anniversary wishes. Both gifts are so cool!. Sweet of you to mention my blog, hun!.. Looking forward to more recap posts in future ♡


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