Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil – Review

 I have always had very light eyebrows. My mother has never allowed me to shape or thread my eyebrows. I am thankful to her now as I prefer natural looking eyebrows. I just can’t stand the look of that arched Cinderella’s step-mom kind of eye brows. Some people do get it done very well, I repeat some people only! Others just over do it all the time.
Very recently I came across a video of Michelle Phan on grooming your eyebrows. She wasn’t showing how to pluck them off but to draw them so naturally that you cannot make it out if it’s drawn. I was surprised how an eyebrow shape can change up your whole look. (Click to watch the video)
After watching the I wanted to try this out. That’s how I ended up buying Rimmel eyebrow pencil. After trying out some shades, I felt this color was dark enough for me.
I bought this for AED 26 from Mushrif Mall – Lulu
According to their web site, they claim
  • Fill in gaps or lengthen the arc of the eyebrow for a natural look
  • Groom and shape brows with its built-in brush
  • Long wear color that doesn’t smudge
  • Ophthalmologist tested
These come in three shades – Hazel, Dark Brown and Black Brown.
I decided to buy the shade ‘ C04 Black Brown’.
This shade is perfect for me. It comes with a brush which helps to soften the lines and bring out a more natural look.
The ‘Wow’ factor
  • Budget and travel friendly
  • Easy to use.

The ‘Hugh’ factor

  • This is my first eyebrow pencil, so I cannot compare this to others.
  • It does wear off fast. It will stay put if you do not touch it with hands, tissues, towels, etc.. which is not  very practical.
  • It comes only in three shades, so people with lighter brows can find this difficult.

Buy again??

This is not a bad product but I would like to try other brands. So, if I do not find anything that fancy me elsewhere I will come back to this.
Recommend it?
To those looking for a good eyebrow pencil at a reasonable price, this is definitely a YES!
If you have already tried this, do let me know your opinion. Also tell me what is your favorite brand of eyebrow pencil.
 Until Next time,



5 thoughts on “Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil – Review

  1. Nice review, Abi!.. I have threaded my eyebrows before but never drawn them in myself, using eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder kit. When I was a kid mom used to fill in my eyebrows very dark and as I grew up I found that to be very unnatural. So I quit it and started threading. I watched that video now. It does make me wanna change up my look!..


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