June Favorites!

Hope this month went well for all of you.
 As you all know, this month I had gone for Um-rah. Two weeks I was completely engrossed with traveling and pilgrimage. After coming back, I got infected with viral fever. I guess it’s because of the climate change, traveling and stuff. Nothing serious but one whole week I was weak and on medication. Anyway, I feel so much better now.
The month just flew by so fast and it is time I tell you about my favorite products this month.
Beauty Favorites
I have been suffering long from dandruff. I thought I would give this baby a try when I found it in the store. I have heard good reviews about Palmers products and it was not costly either. 
I have to warn you, the first thing you would notice here is the smell. It has a strong scent like medicated oil which not everyone are going to like. I did not like it either, but I went ahead and applied it. 
I have to say, the smell disappeared after an hour or so of the application and just with one application the ever irritating itchiness WAS GONE! Yes! I Promise! I haven’t been able to use this continuously with the traveling and stuff. But I took care to apply this twice a week, and the condition of my scalp has improved. The flakiness has reduced so much. I am sure if I use this regularly (which I am planning on doing), the whole dandruff problem will be solved.
I mostly concentrate the application on the scalp. I don’t use it much on the lengths of the hair as I already use olive oil.
My mom, dad and sister have also started using this now. I am absolutely happy with this product.
I will update the results once I have started using this regularly.
Price AED 14 – Mushrif Mall – Lulu
I don’t really have chapped lips but this has been a constant companion of mine since schooling. I bought this because of it’s SPF feature and used this mostly in the summer. But once I started working, the air conditioned offices really dried me out. So I keep this always with me now. It has a light smell and glides easily. Whenever my lips start feeling dry and cracks, I apply this. Within two days it smoothens out the cracks. I also never apply any cosmetics on my lips without applying the lip balm first. This balm has a glossy finish and gives a nice look when you apply lipstick above this. You don’t have to apply separate gloss unless you are looking for that gooey gluey glassy look.

Price AED 7.50 – Mushrif Mall – Lulu
Food Favorites
I love love loooove this to the core! Before in weekends when my family used to have take away dinner, we always bought Pepsi with it. After a time, when news started popping everywhere about how unhealthy it is, we have all been trying to avoid it. But the lack of Pepsi was always felt (for me atleast…because i used to die for it!). But after my marriage my husband introduced me to this amazing drink!!!! It was natural, sugar free and over all delicious! I don’t miss Pepsi anymore!!! 😉
I am already a very big chocoholic! Especially milk chocolates. These chocolates are what I would call divine! It melts in the mouth and just…… I don’t even know how to explain it! It’s not very budget friendly 😉 but I take it as an advantage or else I would be having this everyday!!!
Price 10.90 – Mushrif Mall – Lulu

YouTube Favorites

I always prefer simple and natural looking makeup. And this video just had to become my favorite. Lisa has created such sweet and pure look. It also just transformed the model to teenager. I can’t wait to try this look.


This is again another look I loved this month. The look of Daenerys Targayen from Game of Thornes created by Michelle Phan. It is simple yet fit for a queen.
Song Favorites
I love this kiddo…. 🙂 🙂 🙂
The beats of this song just gets me into the mood for dancing. 🙂 🙂
Dance again!!! 😉
 And so are my favorites this month. I enjoyed making this post and I hope you also enjoyed and benefited from this load of information 😉
Do comment below and tell me about your favorites.
Until next time, take care and have fun!!



4 thoughts on “June Favorites!

  1. Great work done abi…!

    Thanks for ur sharing ur ideas and suggestions..!!

    Many of them are my fav too 😉 like Lindt chocolate ..u should try the dark chocolate in it too. Its tastes yummy and good to eat 🙂
    And yes ur right palmer is a good product I have been using palmers cocoa butter formula balm ..you should try it too

    Nancy 🙂


  2. Thanks a lot for your compliment dear 🙂
    It means a lot to me <3
    I have never liked dark chocolates before but since you are suggesting and the brand is good as well I will definitely give it a try 🙂 XOXO


  3. omg I too loooove chocolates and hate dark chocolate LOL 😛
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog bobo!! You are doing such an amazing job and I'm loving every single post! I have come to know of valuable and useful things through you, so keep it goin'!

    Love you! 😀

    Lolly Pink 😛


  4. Thank you…Thank you…Thank you….
    I am flying now… <3 <3 <3
    Can't tell you how much happy I am to see your comments…
    I will try to make my posts even better..

    Love you too Lolly Pink 😛 ❤ ❤ ❤


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