My New Obsession – Coconut Oil!!!

Today’s topic is Coconut Oil and here I’ll talk about how I have been trying to make it a part of my life.
Being South Indian, I have known the usage of Coconut Oil since childhood (known but didn’t utilize it). Coconut trees are found in abundance in my state (Kerala). From leaf to root, each part of the tree has its own importance. People there still continue to use coconut oil in most of the cooking. But after my parents settled in Middle East, where I and my siblings were born, my mom took to cooking with vegetable oil because of the hype that they are healthier advertisements and a lot cheaper.
In the recent years people have been realizing the problems of vegetable oils and turning to other organic ones, and more recently to coconut oil. And it was then that I started pestering my mom to turn to our roots.
My mom had used coconut oil as pre-bath oil on me and my siblings when we were babies. This is like a tradition in my place. I am very thankful for that! Growing up Coconut oil was used on our hair and I have to give credit to this oil as we really had black thick hair then. Once I was old enough to do my own thing I got lazy and wouldn’t do this regularly. As a result my hair got dry, rough, frizzy (it’s already curly) and damaged. Now I am desperatly trying to revive my hair.
But that is not how I got back to using coconut oil. It was the discovery that I am suffering from Hypothyroidism. I was really sad about it and just wanted it to end. But it wouldn’t. I have to now take medications for my whole life. It was during my search for natural remedies to cure this when I came across coconut oil benefits. It is said that usage of coconut oil in your diet can improve thyroid levels.
That’s it! From then I have been trying to incorporate it in my diet.
I also discovered other benefits of this oil and it’s wonderful!
  • Conditions hair. Can be used for Deep Conditioning.
  • Use it as a base in this turmeric pre-bath massage oil. It can be used alone as well. Some people say they apply it after bath as well, but personally I don’t do that because of the smell.
  • Coconut Oil helps brighten skin.
  • It reverses the signs of aging and premature gray hair.
  • It helps you lose weight and lowers bad cholesterol.
  • It acts as an insect repellant.
  • Cures Athlete’s foot and Nail fungus.
 I hope this post was beneficial. See you all soon.




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