Moisturizing with Olive Oil…

Following my post on Olive Oil, Today I will talk about how I use this as a moisturizer.

Don’t be confused, you don’t have to slather yourself in oil that you end up looking like you are going for wrestling.

 You only have to create a very very thin coating of oil on your skin. Do this after bath when the body and hair is still wet.

The amount of oil you get when you dip the tip of your fore finger in it is enough for the face, ears and the whole neck.

For both hands you need just half a teaspoon.
For both legs you will need another half a teaspoon each.
For the rest of the body need again another half teaspoon is sufficient.
Lastly for the hair we need to take half teaspoon (for shoulder length hair like mine – you might need more for longer hair), warm it up in the hands and spread it to the back of the hands and fingers. Then softly rake and scrunch it through the hair. Also with whatever left on the fingers, it can be massaged lightly along the roots.
 Then you can dry your body by lightly dabbing it with a towel and tie up the hair in a thin towel or old t-shirt (I never rub my hair with towel to dry it).
 Though the oil has got a smell, it disappears after sometime.
 This is the way I do it. You can also follow the way Rebecca has shown in the video below:

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. I’ll be leaving for Um-rah today.With God’s grace will see you all once I am back.

Till then take care and keep smiling




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